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23rd June 2016

Mechanical Abstract

Mechanical Abstract

Exhibition runs: 4 June - 25 June
Opening: 3 June 6.30-8.30pm

Artists Talk - Saturday 25 June 5pm


Lothar Götz | Jonathan Parsons | DJ Simpson | Neil Zakiewicz
Curated by Neil Zakiewicz

The painters in Mechanical Abstract utilise mechanical means to control the chaotic and irregular flow emanating from a brush or can by shielding off areas, or the line of …

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8th March 2016

End Game

Aly Helyer | Sigrid Holmwood | Benjamin Senior | Emma Talbot
Curated by Caterina Lewis

Exhibition runs: 5th - 26th March 2016                            
Artist talk chaired by Sacha Craddock: 19th March 5pm

The term ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ was coined by the dramatist and writer Martin Esslin in referen…

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11th February 2016

First Year Painting Programme Interim Show

19th - 21st February

Katie Brookes
Maj-Gret Gaupas
Athene Greig
Anna Jung Seo
Mari Kolbeinson
Stephanie Maeseele
Scott McCracken
Coll McDonnell
Nadja Plein
Tim Ralston
Mel Scott
Jenny Smith
Sharon Swaine
Rhys Trussler

The studios will also be open for visitors to look around and after the success of our Open Days we invite prospective painters to co…

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