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Turps Banana

/ 2017

Turps BananaTurps BananaTurps BananaTurps Banana

Issue #17 New York Edition

   De Kooning was once walking down the street with Rudy Burckhardt and some angry young painter came up to him and said; "Mr. de Kooning, how do you like it when everyone's painting like you?" referring to the third-generation Abstract Expressionist painters. De Kooning responded, rather calmly; "Well, it's not my problem. They could always paint the good de Koonings, but they could never paint the bad ones."

Phong Bui, Brooklyn Rail

In this special New York Edition of Turps Banana we invited New York native painter Thomas Nozkowski to commission features from artists who he knows and admires.

We offer our gratitude to Tom and the artists involved in producing this issue

Turps issue #17 | January 2017

Guest Editor| Thomas Nozkowski
Co-Editors   | Marcus Harvey and Phil King

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