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/ Archive - January 2015

13th January 2015

Open Call for Proposals

Turps Gallery Proposal Submissions

Deadline 1st February 2015

Turps Gallery is inviting proposals for painting shows curated by painters, which examine or challenge ideas about current painting dialogue.

Please send hard copies only to:
Turps Gallery
Unit 11a Taplow
Thurlow Street
SE17 2UQ

Please use standard mail (no recorded or registered post) and no padded envelopes.

Successful artists will be notified in by mid-February and invited to see the gallery space with view to developing successful proposals to completion. Proposal must include:

3 printed proposal copies. Maximum of x 3 A4 sheets (single or doubler sided)
Name and contact details of painter-curator
Full list of selected artists
300 words maximum outlining the idea for the show and a working title
Fully labelled images of selected artists; artists' website addresses may be included, but only send images which are representative of work.

Email your proposal
Send proposals for solo exhibitions
Send proposals using recorded mail or padded envelopes
Send a wish list of artists (all artists must have been confirmed at the time of submission)
Send proposals all year round - only by the dates above
Send CV's
Applications that arrive after the 1st February 2016 will not be considered.