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                What do I feel when I make painting? Well it’s a kind of intriguing question, what does one feel? 
                You feel so many things. One thing I think I can say, and underline, is that what you tend not to feel is emotion, or emotion that you are aware of. I think it’s a kind of labour and so what you’re doing is you’re… you’re involved in laying down of a kind of craft, which is interesting isn’t it? 
                I mean I’m sure some people feel so emotional they are kind of dancing up and down having a great time screaming and crying. It’s not for me. It takes such a long time to find your language, it’s taken me a long time, and I still think I’m finding it, but I know that I’m closer to a language which is coherent and recognisably mine, but I’ve made many many mistakes along the way.
               It’s been quite a struggle. I do feel that when you look at a painting the first thing that you must see is the painting itself and then the image later, and if that happens then the painting is halfway to working.

Michael Simpson: Odyssey of a Painter
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. 2016

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