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3a,10a -13a Taplow, Thurlow Street, London, SE17 2UQ (directions here)

Turps Editors had long held the view that an artist led painting programme, a supported studio,  could flourish in a climate where there is growing disquiet about the quality of painting tuition, inadequate tutorial input and isolation in traditional studio set ups.

In 2012 it was time to respond to this in much the same way that a painting magazine run by practicing painters has fulfilled a need for many painters with a desire for intellectual stimulus and focus in this area. 

turps studio programme provides a dynamic structure of: mentoring, peerled learning, talks and visitors within an open studio environment.

Stimulating conversation and debate, through discourse and practice. Advancing individual development during an intensive and supported one year programme.

turps correspondence course is a one to one responsive year long programme of online mentoring. Offering an opportunity to reconnect and reinvigorate participants practice, on an international platform.

turps surgeries are an opportunity for painters to access individual and group tutorials at turps studios. Discussion and debate in a small intensive crit environment led by turps mentoring painters. For more details sign up to our mailing list or email


Studio Programme Applications are now Closed for 2018.

Correspondence Course Applications now open for Admissions in October 2018 Click here for more info

Turps BananaTurps BananaTurps Banana

16th August 2018

Turps Leavers Show At Paul Stolper Gallery

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24th July 2018

Correspondence Course Applications Open

Turps Correspondence Course is an innovative project giving painters a critical perspective and challenging insights into their practice, wherever they are and at any point in their career, in the form of quarterly appraisals aimed at supporting their studio development.

During the year participants will engage in a structured two-way process, during which time, they will present works and, in turn, receive feedback from a dedicated mentor as well as the wider tutorial team at T…

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11th July 2017

Turps Painters 2015 -17

We are delighted to announce a show of recent works by painters who have been at Turps Studios between 2015 and 2017 at Art Bermondsey Projecct Space from 13th July - 22nd July.

Turps Studio Programme is a one year mentoring programme with the option to say for a second year, based at Turps Studios in South East London.

Uniquely painters work together in open studios exchanging ideas with each other and a comprehensive team of painters who visit across the year as wel…

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23rd February 2017

Interim Show / Year One Painters / Turps Studio Programme

10th/11th March 2017

Turps Education provides a Painting Studio Programme, Correspondence Course and Crit Surgeries to painters wanting to focus on their practice within a series of supportive mentoring programmes.

Interim Show by the current 2016-17 Studio Programme painters on their first year of the programme, along with Open studios at Turps Painting Studios  will take place on 10th and 11th March 2017.

An excellent opportunity to visit the studi…

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15th November 2016

Open Day and Studio Programme WiP Show

9/10th December 2016

Turps Education provides a Painting Studio Programme, Correspondence Course and Crit Surgeries to painters wanting to focus on their practice within a series of supportive mentoring programmes.

To find out more we are holding an exhibition of Works in Progress by the current 2016-17 Studio Programme painters, along with Open studios at Turps Painting Studios  on 9th and 10th December 2016.

There will be opportunities during the w…

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23rd June 2016


Congratulations to Turps Painters Ben Jamie, Roisin Fogarty and Gareth Kemp for being shortlisted for the John Moores Prize 2016, further congratulations to Ben Jamie for being one of the five prize winners.

Congratulations to Jessie Makinson and Suzy Willey for being shortlisted for the Marmite Prize 2016, and further congratulations to Jessie Makinson for being awarded the overall Marmite Prize 2016.

And congratulations to Dale Lewis for his final show as part of th…

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8th March 2016

Spring Surgeries

We are pleased to announce a new series of Turps Surgeries for Spring 2016.

group crits.

Each session will consist of up to five participants who will be able to bring work to Turps and take part in a group crit together. The sessions will be led by mentoring painters from the correspondence and studio programmes along with guest painters.

The turps surgeries cost £150 per participant / session.

Dan Coombs and Geraldine Swa…

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9th December 2015

OPEN DAYS and Open Call for Applications

Turps Studios Open Days:

Saturday 6th February 11am - 1pm
Monday 8th February 2pm - 4pm

Register your interest by sending an email to

We are now accepting applications for the following programmes:

Turps Painting Studio Programme: Sept 2016 - July 2017

Applications are now open for the Painting Studio Prog…

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19th November 2015

Open Days and Programme Applications

We will be posting information about Open Days to Turps Studios in South East London very soon, and opening applications for Turps Studio Programme and Correspondence Courses 2016/7.

After the success of the first round of Turps Surgeries we will be announcing a series of new dates for Feb/March 2016.

Watch this space and make sure you subscribe to our mailing list for more details.


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25th August 2015

Turps Goes West

25 August - 1 September  2015
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am - 5pm
Exhibition closed on Monday Bank Holiday (31st August)

CLOSING PARTY: 1 September 2015, 6-9 pm 2015

Edel Assanti
74a Newman Street
W1T 3DB  London


Turps Banana is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, ‘Turps Goes West’, a group exhibition of work by p…

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13th July 2015

Turps Studio Programme | End of year show

Turps Painters Studio Programme Open 15th and 16th July, by appointment. Email for details


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8th July 2015

Correspondence Course

Applications are being accepted for the Correspondence Course: October 2015 - September 2016


The programme, launched in 2012 has been hugely successful as a way to connect with another painter as a mentor, and form links with others on the course.

Over a year each participant enters into 5 correspondence points, including a 'group' crit half way through the programme.

For more details download the application details and programm…

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21st April 2015

Studio Programme Applications Open

Applications are now being accepted for places on the Turps Painting Studio Programme Sept 15 - July 16 

DEADLINE 1st May 2015

Based in our studios in London SE17, turps studio programme provides a dynamic structure for up to 20 painters of: mentoring, peerled learning, talks and visitors within an open studio environment, stimulating converstation and debate, through discourse and practice.

Advancing individual development turps s…

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22nd November 2014

Open Day | 12th & 14th December 2014

The Turps Studio Programme is a unique  opportunity  for  a  select  group  of painters  take  up  residence  in their  own  dedicated studio within an  exciting  new  studio and  gallery 
development within the iconic Aylesbury Estate in South East London,  just  10 minutes  from  Elephant  and  Castle, and  embark  on  an  academic  year long…

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8th October 2014

Keith Coventry Donates Painting

TURPS Banana magazine is delighted to announce the relocation and reopening of its celebrated art school this September.

Established in 2012 by Marcus Harvey and Peter Ashton Jones, the TURPS Art School is unique in that it is wholly artist-led, totally independent and, most important of all, focusses exclusively on painting.
Marcus Harvey states: “Towards the end of 2013 we began the process of relocating the studio based…

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16th September 2014

In the news

This week we have two great responses to Turps Art School in the press, firstly from Charley Peters for a-nonline and today, Jonathan Jones for his Guardian Blog.


Enjoy. They both really get what we are doing.


Charley Peters for

Jonathan Jones for hisRead more…

9th April 2014

Applications Open

Correspondence and Studio programmes launching in Sept/Oct 2014.

Download application forms and further details by clicking on the programme headings below:

Correspondence Course

Studio Programme

We will be announcing an open day at the newly refurbished Turps Art School in Southwark, London …

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11th February 2014


In the Spring of 2013 it became clear Turps Studio in Bermondsey was going to have to relocate. Interest in the Turps programmes was building and the 2012/13 painters were working their way to an exciting conclusion of the inaugural year. Time was against us and we needed to find a site that could offer a large enough single space for the open studio model the programme is based on.

Towards the end of the Summer our search for a space settled on part of a larger project to reinv…

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25th November 2013

One year on....

The Studio Programme's first year ended in August 2013, with a final show from the fifteen painters who completed the year at Vigo Gallery in London's West End and V22, Workspace in Bermondsey. The Turps Studio is relocating and the next studio programme will begin at a new location in South East London in freshly refurbished studio space in September 2014.

The Correspondence Course has continued with over half the initial participants c…

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9th July 2013

Art School



Interviews are exhausting. But rewarding. We have seen a lot of painters over the last couple of weeks and we now have to make a decision who to take.

You could say we are spoilt for choice and that is what makes what comes next difficult.


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8th May 2013

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9th April 2013

Moving Times

Turps Art School will be relocating this Autumn. For updates and further details subscribe to our newletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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16th January 2013

Applications Open

Turps Art School  - Founded September 2012

Turps Art School opened its doors on 24th September 2012 with a 12 month Painters Studio Programme. The studio provides fifteen painters with the rarified opportunity to work together in an intensive environment, supported by an ever present mentoring scheme, and a rich and varied programme of on and off site artist talks, lectures, tutorials and events. A month later the correspondence course began and provides a vital mentor led …

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