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3a,10a -13a Taplow, Thurlow Street, London, SE17 2UQ (directions here)

Turps Editors had long held the view that an artist led painting programme, a supported studio,  could flourish in a climate where there is growing disquiet about the quality of painting tuition, inadequate tutorial input and isolation in traditional studio set ups.

In 2012 it was time to respond to this in much the same way that a painting magazine run by practicing painters has fulfilled a need for many painters with a desire for intellectual stimulus and focus in this area. 

turps studio programme provides a dynamic structure of: mentoring, peerled learning, talks and visitors within an open studio environment.

Stimulating conversation and debate, through discourse and practice. Advancing individual development during an intensive and supported one year programme.

turps correspondence course is a one to one responsive year long programme of online mentoring. Offering an opportunity to reconnect and reinvigorate participants practice, on an international platform.

turps surgeries are an opportunity for painters to access individual and group tutorials at turps studios. Discussion and debate in a small intensive crit environment led by turps mentoring painters. For more details sign up to our mailing list or email


Studio Programme Applications are now Closed for 2018.

Correspondence Course Applications now open for Admissions in October 2018 Click here for more info

Turps BananaTurps BananaTurps Banana

22nd November 2017

Open Day and Open Studios

Turps Art School Open Studios and Open Day 8th - 9th December 2017

Turps Studio Programme Painters | Open Studios.

Eleanor Bedlow / Angela Brandys / Lena Brazin / Victoria Cantons / Julie Caves / Maj-Gret Gaupas / The Baron Gilvan / Rebecca Harper / Charles Inge / Freya Guest / Paddy Jones / Craig Lee / Matthew Lippiatt / Shona McGovern / Scott Miles / Olly Mulvihill / Nicholas Peall / Tomas Piza Garcia …

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16th October 2015

turps surgeries


In response to requests from painters to take part in crits at Turps Studios we are launching our first series of turps surgeries.

group crits.

Each session will consist of up to six participants who will be able to bring work to Turps and take part in a group crit together. The sessions will be led by two of the turps mentoring painters from the correspondence and studio programmes along with guest painters.&…

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10th March 2015

Interim Show

An opportunity to see an exhibition by the painters currently working on the Turps Studio Programme.  Turps Studio programme provides a dynamic structure of; mentoring, peer led learning, talks and visitors withing an open studio environment.

Sixteen painters are currently on the programme working at Turps Studio, First Floor Walkway, Units 10 - 13a Taplow, Thurlow Street, London SE17 2UQ.

The exhibition will be open from Thursday 19th March - Sunday 22nd March b…

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1st May 2014

Turps Art School - Open Day 16th May 2014

Studio Programme Sept 2014 / Application Deadline 30th May 2014

We are excited to announce we will be restarting the Turps Art School Painters Studio Programme in September 2014.  For further application details please click here

Turps Art School / Open Day 16th May 2014

We are very close to completion of the new Turps Art School Studios and Office. Ahead of th…

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15th November 2013

Cloud Chambers / Mayor Parlour Gallery

Correspondence Course 2013-14 is well under way!


If you want to catch works by a cohort who undertook last years programme get down to The Mayor's Parlour in Bow, before December 4th 2013. If you go at the weekend you'll be able to talk to one or two of the painters, who will be in the gallery.

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