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Turps Editors had long held the view that an artist led painting programme, a supported studio,  could flourish in a climate where there is growing disquiet about the quality of painting tuition, inadequate tutorial input and isolation in traditional studio set ups.

In 2012 it was time to respond to this in much the same way that a painting magazine run by practicing painters has fulfilled a need for many painters with a desire for intellectual stimulus and focus in this area. 

turps studio programme provides a dynamic structure of: mentoring, peerled learning, talks and visitors within an open studio environment.

Stimulating conversation and debate, through discourse and practice. Advancing individual development during an intensive and supported one year programme.

turps correspondence course is a one to one responsive year long programme of online mentoring. Offering an opportunity to reconnect and reinvigorate participants practice, on an international platform.

turps surgeries are an opportunity for painters to access individual and group tutorials at turps studios. Discussion and debate in a small intensive crit environment led by turps mentoring painters. For more details sign up to our mailing list or email


Studio Programme Applications are now Closed for 2018.

Correspondence Course Applications now open for Admissions in October 2018 Click here for more info

Turps BananaTurps BananaTurps Banana

8th May 2013

Turps Art School has re-opened submissions and extended the deadline on the following programme:

Painters Studio Programme, London

Call for Applications. Extended Deadline 17th June 2013




An intensive twelve-month studio based programme of mentoring, dynamic group seminars, talks and lectures for emerging and mid career painters. Based along side a new studio and gallery complex run by ASC in South East London, SE17, participants work in a large open plan studio, each receiving one on one tutorials from a dedicated team of mentors, all of whom are practicing painters, and participate in larger group seminars with the other programme members and the staff team. The programme includes interim and end of programme exhibitions, and provides many opportunities to create ongoing connections, critique and discourse with the wider painting community.
Uniquely, participants will be actively encouraged to request a number of visits from an extensive group of high profile international painters associated with Turps Magazine and a wider UK painting community.   


For further information please contact 

Painters on this years programme are currently showing work until 12th May at The Mayors Parlour, First Floor, Bow House 153-159 Bow Road, London, E3 2SE


In addition, an ongoing call for applications on the following programme:


Online Correspondence Course for Painters

Call for Applications. Deadline 30 August 2013




The online correspondence course is an innovative new project giving painters access to critical perspectives and challenging insights into their own practice, wherever they are, over a twelve-month period.

Participants will engage in a two way process, during which time they will present works via an online folder ( and in turn receive feedback at regular intervals from a dedicated mentor and the wider tutorial team at Turps Art School

For further information about either of the courses please email us: at


Turps Art School was founded in 2012 to allow emerging and mid career painters to spend an intensive year to reinvigorate their practice by working alongside and talking to other painters.

 Turps Art School Mentors and Visitors 2012 -13

Marcus Harvey, Peter Ashton Jones, Dan Coombs , Anne Ryan, Colin Smith, David Leeson, Phillip Allen, Covadonga Valdes, Katrina Blannin.

Visiting Artists and Speakers have included: Alex Katz, Matthew Collings, Kaye Donachie, Carol Rhodes, Chantal Joffe, Merlin James, Nigel Cooke, Phillip Allen, Paul Robinson and more.